Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love for Agriculture Farming

I found an interesting discussion here where many IT/Software Professionals were discussing about the prospective of opting Agriculture Farming as their next full time business. I was amazed to see that many IT professionals share the same thoughts that were crossing my mind. 

I was reading elsewhere that Agriculture is a way of life and calling it a professional/business is an under statement. 

So here I am: I also wanted to do something different. Do something of my own, I want make my hands dirty in mud and soil. But there is something that is holding me and I guess this is my fear and sense of insecurity. 

One thing is for sure that I want to do the IT way! And what is that? IT way means with proper planning and research. I have saved some money which I can start something that I like. I do not want to wait until my Green Card, I will be too old to start and to adapt anything. Am I right?

I have many plans, which one is use is not yet decided.
1. Bio-Diesel: Growing Jatropha Curcus
2. Dairy Farm: I am not a vegan but I think milking cow for human consumption is not a very good idea, the cow produces if for her calf not for us. We, humans, had never sold our breast milk to others then how can we expect from the animals. Same goes with Bees. But I like having cows and bees near to me, I like them.
3. More to come, don't know yet.

Of course any thing I take up will be Organic and self sustaining. Anything above can be coupled with Bee keeping as an additional income. 

If I keep cows then to make it self sustainable and organic I can use the following formula.

Cow -> Cow Dung -> Manure (bio gas plant) -> Methane + Extract. The methane was be used for cooking, heating water etc and the extract is of course one the best manure.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Times of India: OOPS moments: Spell Error

Times of India:  OOPS moments:
  1. Please use Spell Check tool its FREE - Premium News website spell error unacceptable. The last I knew there was no word in the dictionary as  "DUW". TOI is one of the most read news paper both online and paper print and something like this tell in how much hurry were they is release the news article. To me any basic editor now has a Spell Check tool and most of them checks for the spelling as you type. It seems the author was underpaid or didn't care.

Monday, November 15, 2010

OPEN LETTER to PM Manmohan Singh; Mrs. Sonia Gandhi; Opposition Leader Mr. L K Adavani; President of India Pratibha Patil; Supreme Court Judges -- BRING OUR BLACK MONEY BACK

Lets admit that there are more than US$ 1500 Billion slashed in foreign banks by dishonest industrialists, scandalous politicians and corrupt officers. Ironically the money belongs to the people who actually makes rules (politicians) and executes (officers and bureaucrats) them. 

Needless to say this money belongs to the people of India the poor and the common man of India.
Economist say that this money can be used to pay our debts, earn interest and make several years of Tax holiday.  

India’s external debt, as of March 2009, was US$229.9 billion (Source:

Mr. Manmohan Singh
Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
Mr. L K Adavani
Mrs. Pratibha Patil
and other honorable Judges of Supreme court

What are we doing to bring this money money back and implicating the guilty?

I will vote only to the person who not just promises but will bring this money back. PERIOD 

It is a matter of utter shame that the news was flashed on BBC, now the whole world know about it. Manhomah Singh Ji please do something about it. It it your money, my money, it is the money of the poor person who died today since he did not had a shelter, he did not had food to eat, it belongs to the prostitute who pushed herself into this profession because she was diprived of her basic necessitates. Manhomah Singh Ji this money belongs to out Bharat.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Indian Postal Website SUCKS

India is an IT super power. Wrong. Indian in an IT super power only to the outside world. Seriously I have yes to find a clean, user friendly Indian Govt. website. 
The number one worse Indian Website is :

This is the official Indian Postal website, which never opens. To prove my point here in the PING screen shot with Date and Time.

And this is not the first time that I am having trouble, I have been trying for the past several weeks. 

I know some months back when I was browsing the web site, it had so much so junk pages, articles. Some links would open from a given page and it won't open from other pages. I do not know if there is any tester a assigned to it? I guess the Indian Babu tests its it!!! ohh wait I guess he is one who actually designed and developed it.

Comeon Babus!!! Can't you invest some time and money on the websites. We all already know how difficult is to penitrate the red tape you guys have in office. I guess the same reflection in on the website too. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Adding a new column in Crystal Report: Crystal report with XSD files.

Hi I recently has a had time adding a new column in Crystal Report. I am blogging this in case I again forget or to help if you are stuck too.

To begin: This issue is specifically when Crystal report is tied to XSD file. The CR gets its schema from the XSD. The .NET code populates the XSD.
My environment is
Crystal Report Ver: XI R2
.NET 2.0. But i guess this should work with most of +/- versions.

1. Add column to SQL Proc.
2. Add column to XSD.

3. Add c# code to populate this new Column.
4. Rebuilt Solution.
5. Now comes the main thing, reflecting the new column into crystal report.
The scree shot below shows set by step solution:
This will bring the "Set Datasource Location dialog box.

Click on "Create Connection" > ADO.NET (XML). This will bring a new Dialog box.
Browse for the local  (not source safe) XSD file. This file should be a part of your .NET Solution.

Leave the "Class Name" and "Use Dataset from Class" blank. Click Finish.
Should have something like this.

Now select both the Tables (Child this begins with In.. in the above diagram). and click Update and Close.
In most of the case this will show the new field, try refreshing if this do not works.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Same thing different day

I think I have lived this day before also. 
Today my colleague left, today was his last day in the office. End of his project, the contract did not renewed. 

I felt it bad, so bad. When people meet and stay with you for sometime you develop so much intimacy with them. When they leave, they make a vacuum. So H left today. The same thing happened when 2 years back my roommate left Thiery. 

People meet and leave, that's why someone has compared our life with a train. The train in your life, you have many people coming and leaving your life. Some stay for some stations, some remain until the end. Life moves on. Nothing stops. As if the person was of no value.

But I tell you, the good part is life doesn't stops. It just moves on. And I am sure there is something better and surprising waiting for H. 6 months (or may be before) I will see him in a better place and position. And I WILL write about it. I am here watching. I don't know when I am moving.............

Gita sar 4th Para say that "परिवर्तन ही संसार का नियम है". and the book "Who moved my cheese" also says the same thing.

Remind me if I forget to write about H. Bye

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

H1B Faqs

1. How to check whether my H1 B visa is still valid or revoked by my previous employer.
Answer: Unfortunately there is no way to see this information. You can lookup the case status using the EAC number, but this do not gets updated in real time and sometimes never gets updated.

2. I am thinking of doing a H1B Transfer, will my current employer A come to know about this?
I have done my H1 transfer, I do not want my current employer A to know this.
Will USCIS inform my current employer A about the H1 transfer?
Answer: USCIS do not informs about the H1 transfers. Infact there is no way your employer A can know about the transfer unless you or your secret keeper friends lets your employer know.

3. I am on H1b, can I start a company, or partner in a company, start a franchise like Subway ?  
Answer: Short answer: No, you can't. Long answer: H1B visa is only to work for the employer who has sponsored your VISA. You can start a business, partner until you get a Green Card.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bribe: Asking money for Police verification for the passport

Those who don't know the process by which the Indian passports are made; the police verification is a important step. One constable (from the Police Station under which the passport application jurisdictional falls) visits the passport applicant home.

This is to verify if the person physically lives there and is not fake or fictitious.

There is no fee involved, but the visiting police man/ constable always asks for money (read bribe).

Last month (May 2009) a constable visited my in-laws who live in Bikaner, Rajasthan and asked for Rs. 1,500 (500 per head).

What if we don't accept the "offer"; the file is sent back to the passport office with some fictitious reason or kept in cold bag in the police station for good.

Paying 500 Rupees i guess it a good bargain versus following up with passport/police and calling anti-corruption agency.

What your take ?

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Private Pilot License: Lets start Flying.

As I am writing this post I am searching the ways to get a Private Pilot License. I read an article 2 days back here: And I just started dreaming on flying a small plane looking below at the green fields and river. Sitting besides is my wife and 2 friends behind.
Isn't this amazing!!!
First let me burst all the myths that are in your mind right now.
1. The whole process is easy. I do not mean getting license is cake walk because this is where you do the hard work. I just mean the “process”
2. Non-US citizens can fly.
3. Its not that expensive. USD 5000-USD 10000
4. No upright fee, Pay as you go.
Total cost:
Medical exam
$ 080.00
Written Exams
$ 150.00
3TSA Security Clearance$ 130.00
$ 360.00
Steps to earn a Private Pilot License:
  1. Get 3rd Class medical exam
  2. Search for a Pilot Training School
  3. Get introductory flight.
  4. Get clearance from TSA
  5. Begin training and log Hours
  6. Pass Written Exams
  7. End
1. Get 3rd Class medical exam
To get a Private/recreational one needs an Third Class Medical Certificate. The following link explains more. This is just a Medical examination need to be passed via a FAA designated doctor. The doctor will certify that the prospect candidate is okay for flying. FAA recommends getting the Third Class Medical Certificate before starting the actual training.
Usually the medical certificate and student pilot certificate are one and the same and are issued by a doctor, called an aviation medical examiner, who has been approved by the FAA to administer the medical exam.
Save yourself the extra step by being sure to request a combination medical and student pilot certificate when you visit the medical examiner
The combination medical/student pilot certificate is easy to carry in your logbook, wallet, or purse and required to be in your possession when you fly solo. The difference between the regular medical certificate and the combination medical and student pilot certificate is that, on the back of the medical/student pilot certificate, there is space for the flight instructor's signature before you fly solo.
To locate a FAA Doctor (Aviation Medical Examiner (AME)) follows:
2. To locate a Flight School near you.
This is probably tough step. It’s tough because it is for the student to select a training school that suits the most to him, it can be in terms of cost, distance, flight trainer, etc.
Start here and search the schools that are near your place. Call them and let them know that you are interested to flying and getting PPL/Sports/ Recreational license.
I guess the possible lists of questions to be asked are:
  1. How can I get started?
  2. Cost of introductory flight, read more about in Step 3.
  3. Cost per hour of Flying (Wet/Dry) and Trainers fee. Wet means that the cost of Gas is included and Dry means not.
  4. How ling it will take to earn a license. It’s kind of vague question, because it entirely depends on ones capability, but just to get an idea.
Recently I have discovered that apart from Flying Schools, there are many small and big Flying clubs. So instead of going to Flying Schools one may choose to learn flying from these Flying Clubs. I am explaining more about these Flying Clubs at the end of this blog.

3. Get introductory flight.
Schedule a introductory flight with training school(s). This is not
4. If you are non US Citizens: Get clearance from TSA [$130.00]
One needs to choose Category 3 while applying for the TSA clearance. Use this website to get Clarence from TSA
They have listed step by step process to submit the application form. The Application Guide link ( explains what all the required is simple plain English. The requirements also include finger printing.
6. To schedule a Written FAA Knowledge Exams use this site. [$150.00]
Web Page that I read: [Learning what the Flying License is all about]
[Complete How to become a PPL]
Update April 29, 2010:
The beauty of this country (USA) is that things are really easy and straight forward. If you want to fly go ahead no issues, if you wanna lean robatic engineering go ahead no issues. hmm So I called a couple of people in and around Lansing, MI (48910) to get the information if I am missing something. And this is my advice to you too, call and meet as many people you can. These folks are experienced and can give you some good tips.
So I called 3 Different people:
LLC (Lansing Community College): They just do the aviation career and not just the Private Licensing.
Aric Newsted [anewstedaatgmaildotcom]: He is teaching at Flying Club at the capital airport in Lansing, MI. I never knew this, because his Flying Club is not listed in AOPA website. So this place is near close.
Kreem Walton: He is a flight instructor at various places and lastly
Dan Holtzclaw: He teaches in Pontaic, MI.
All sounded me reasonable. So like a link by link chain.
I guess I will visit the Grand Ledge ( and Erec (

Spartan Wings, Inc, Mason:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This is my understanding on how the future looks like after this new memorandum on "employer-employee" relationship.

1. I see many H1B Employees getting affected. There will be many h1 transfers denial, denials in extensions. So either they will find a new real Full Time job, or get their H1 transferred to “big” consulting companies like K Force, TEK Systems, Infosys, Wipro, etc. Else failing this will force them going back to their home country. Many might change their status to H4 (if a spouse id working).

2. All major consulting companies will “have to” hire H1s like TEK System, K Force because since there will be no layer concept they wont be able to get consultants from some Body Shoppers.

3. Consultancy Companies aka Desi Companies, Body Shoppers, Job will close if they do not have large number of direct clients and most (90% if not 95%) of them don’t have . Even if they have small number of direct clients they will have to close down in future, because the economy is not very good and maintaining employees on bench is a expensive affair.

4. Many CGs process will stop, because of the reason mentioned in point 1 above.

5. Approx all categories of GC will have very less backlogs. We can even see a backlogs of 2-3 years if not 1-2 years in future.

6. Sharp decrease in H1 applying to GCs. Consider this how many true companies will sponsor their employees for GC knowing that most of them will leaver as soon as they get their Green Card.

7. Demand for EAD/GC/US Citizens will rise because consulting don’t have to do a H1 transfer i.e. no costs attached and no need to pay them on bench.

8. Some clients will face storage of consultants because many H1b will be going back to their home land because of H1 extension denied or consultants changing their job.

9. I see the concept of % salary going away and a relative low pay fixed income starting. With fewer options left for consultants, the companies will come in the driver’s seat. They will offer fixed salary in the range of 55 – 70K as suppose to 7—120K salaries.

10. Job market in some countries esp. India will witness many US return IT professionals.

11. A sight glitch in the real estate market since a little share is owned by many H1bs

I guess in the long run this will help all the parties involved.

My personal experience was very bitter. I was not treated as suppose to me when one comes to an alien country. My X-Desi company did not gave me Medical benefits (I got my own for 3 months). Yeah not getting paid on bench, I have complained to DOL regarding this.

Thanks for reading. Please post your comments.