Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love for Agriculture Farming

I found an interesting discussion here where many IT/Software Professionals were discussing about the prospective of opting Agriculture Farming as their next full time business. I was amazed to see that many IT professionals share the same thoughts that were crossing my mind. 

I was reading elsewhere that Agriculture is a way of life and calling it a professional/business is an under statement. 

So here I am: I also wanted to do something different. Do something of my own, I want make my hands dirty in mud and soil. But there is something that is holding me and I guess this is my fear and sense of insecurity. 

One thing is for sure that I want to do the IT way! And what is that? IT way means with proper planning and research. I have saved some money which I can start something that I like. I do not want to wait until my Green Card, I will be too old to start and to adapt anything. Am I right?

I have many plans, which one is use is not yet decided.
1. Bio-Diesel: Growing Jatropha Curcus
2. Dairy Farm: I am not a vegan but I think milking cow for human consumption is not a very good idea, the cow produces if for her calf not for us. We, humans, had never sold our breast milk to others then how can we expect from the animals. Same goes with Bees. But I like having cows and bees near to me, I like them.
3. More to come, don't know yet.

Of course any thing I take up will be Organic and self sustaining. Anything above can be coupled with Bee keeping as an additional income. 

If I keep cows then to make it self sustainable and organic I can use the following formula.

Cow -> Cow Dung -> Manure (bio gas plant) -> Methane + Extract. The methane was be used for cooking, heating water etc and the extract is of course one the best manure.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Times of India: OOPS moments: Spell Error

Times of India:  OOPS moments:
  1. Please use Spell Check tool its FREE - Premium News website spell error unacceptable. The last I knew there was no word in the dictionary as  "DUW". TOI is one of the most read news paper both online and paper print and something like this tell in how much hurry were they is release the news article. To me any basic editor now has a Spell Check tool and most of them checks for the spelling as you type. It seems the author was underpaid or didn't care.