Friday, April 12, 2013

H1B talking US jobs

I usually do not reply. But lets us practical.

Question 1: Why can;'t US citizen compete with the tech H1Bs? A. Because they still want more $ for the work that can be done in much less$ B. I am also a h1b, java programmer. I can also do SQL, PL/SQL,.NET. Most of the US citizen will say "Dude! SQL was not on my job responsibilities bla bla"

Question 2: Why do we all go to walmart, why do we always find deals? This is simple. Because we all want to pay less for something that can do the same work as the expensive one can. right ? This is what the employers are doing and most of the companies will do, hello this is a capitalist economy and not a socialist one.

Question 3: Lets assume yourself as an startup making app for android, iOS etc. Would you hire a person you asks $60/hour to do the same kind of work that a person can do for $35 ? Did I hear "Yes"? and now stop being hippocratic.

Last but now the least: Suggestion Next time  when you buy ANYTHING, buy MADE IN USA.

Thanks for reading.