Friday, August 14, 2009

Go Green or Perish, leave difference apart and lets work together for a better world

The world is facing a greater threat, the threat larger in many folds than the nuclear war. And this threat is Global warming. The Global Warming has many side effects and has ripple effects like endangering sea animals and fishes, change of pattern of rain and this drought and floods. We are in a urgent need to change the way we live and eat. Because of us there is a severe shortage of water. Even before we heard of all this at least 2 Billion people or 1 out 6 people did not have the access to the safe drinking water. And we all know that the water is the essence of life.

I wish I were a president of USA, or France or India and the people of the world can listen when I am talking. Still I am writing this because it’s the only way I can spread what I am thinking and wanted to tell the world. I wish Barack Obama read this and release where we are heading and where actually we all wanted to go. I believe if we call take baby steps we can make a difference. But if comes from top then we can make more progress collectively in less time, because as I said we are already late and there is not much time left.


I am thinking all the nuclear countries including North Korea, USA, India, Pakistan, China etc show sit on a table and agree to disarm their all nuclear weapons with the very moment. And all should start working to reduce the global warming and pulling down the increased temperature. All the nation tops scientist can work together to make perfect (90% if not 100%) renewable energy sources. They should work in tandem to exchange ideas that can benefit other countries.

We have to do a lot of work

  • Reduce dependency of fossil fuels like coal, oil
  • Ban not Reduce the use of plastic and try to convert existing plastic to something good, something which do not pollute the Mother Nature.
  • Make more n more energy efficient appliances
  • Generating more renewable energy like Solar, Hydro, Solar Thermal, Geo Thermal, Bio Diesel, tidal/wave, Bio Gas.
  • Subsidizing Green technologies including Auto running to very low or zero emission, CFL bulbs, hybrid buses.
  • Developing good and cheap public transport.

If you are thinking that is just too ambitious then just wait for 50-70 more yrs and we will see the earth coming so an standstill. We can have larger conflicts not only between countries but also between states/provinces because of the scarcity of water.

I will end this article with some quotes.

We have done enough talking( that’s what I am doing right now), its time to act now.

Better late than never

Please let me know what to do feel about this article. I am sure the language may not be a good one because I am not a professional writer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to install ISRO's Bhuvan, The new tool to Map India and rival to Google Earth

This is the Home Page of ISRO Bhuvan:

[I thought it would be something like or some small url]

1. Go to this URL to register:

2. Download the exe plugin from here:

This software tool has been make by

Skyline Software Systems, Inc.
4506 Daly Drive, Suite 100
Chantilly, VA 20151 USA

and of course this is an Indian company. I guess the picture has been provided by ISRO are from Indian satellites but the software piece is "foreign".

To start DO NOT launch the desktop icon which says: TerraExplorer, instead log in into the site with the username and password with what you registered. After the successful login you should see the tool working.

On the left hand side there are many places/option to set, You can set District to see the District boundaries. I tried to search Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur. But it returned with an error, shown at the end of this article.

I did not liked:

1. Not an fully Indian, tool (TeraExplorer) made by Skyline, USA.

2. Slow and a very poor GUI. The Indian website is also not good.. If you look as the registration page the GUI look as if some just know to create a simple HTML page has made it. ALL the fields are compulsory and asking Organization, Designation , Address and Purpose of Browsing BHUVAN. I do not understand the purpose of these fields. What should one enter in "Purpose of Browsing BHUVAN": Fun/ exploring.

Anyways, I just entered asdasdas, and this is we all do when stupid question are asked.

3. The website is damn slow, in the beginning you will realise that the maps are blur. But wait for 2-3 minutes and it will make terrain clear.

4. There are many bugs, I just ran into an error after working for 10-15 minutes.

5. Some watermark:


A very good and bold step by ISRO. But the tool is half cooked. I guess the company did not employed any GUI engineer. Also some of the text is hardly viewable.