Tuesday, August 31, 2010

H1B Faqs

1. How to check whether my H1 B visa is still valid or revoked by my previous employer.
Answer: Unfortunately there is no way to see this information. You can lookup the case status using the EAC number, but this do not gets updated in real time and sometimes never gets updated.

2. I am thinking of doing a H1B Transfer, will my current employer A come to know about this?
I have done my H1 transfer, I do not want my current employer A to know this.
Will USCIS inform my current employer A about the H1 transfer?
Answer: USCIS do not informs about the H1 transfers. Infact there is no way your employer A can know about the transfer unless you or your secret keeper friends lets your employer know.

3. I am on H1b, can I start a company, or partner in a company, start a franchise like Subway ?  
Answer: Short answer: No, you can't. Long answer: H1B visa is only to work for the employer who has sponsored your VISA. You can start a business, partner until you get a Green Card.