Thursday, September 8, 2011

Budget Rental car experience


This is regarding the rental car that I took last week. I wish to bring this to your notice that i do not wanted to the insurance since my auto insurance covers everything. But the sales rep on the counter scared me that I must buy insurance since it takes upto 9 months to get settled.

What basically she did was took advantage of my fear, and I was persuaded to take insurance. I understand I signed the papers which said I am buying insurance. But the point I want to make the "dirty" business tactics to make money. I do not know if she was getting any commission from this?

i except Budget being such a big rental company to see this and my guess is Budget does business which is genuine and based on honesty and not scaring customers.

If budget believe that the sales rep was pushing and not behaved in the best possible manner, I would like the have my insurance payments back.

Thanks very much