Friday, January 30, 2009

Some tips for H1B.

Most of the consultant companiws you will find will be Desi. If know nothing then this may come as a surprise: if you are thinking that you will have a good treatment because you an Indian... forget it. This is america, expect the worse to happen.

In fact you will find the Goras to be very friend-full and they understand most of our problems.

I am all writing this because we (I and my Wife) had some the very bitter incidences. I am sure there are ppl around who really had a good time in USA and working on H1B. But I was not that fortunate.

I would say that part are my own mistakes. Mistakes like "Believing them blindly", Not getting things in writing, etc.

So my fellow friends, do bear this in mind that;

Always and always get everything is writing. And ask them if there are any "hidden *s" conditions applications things. Like in my case, my employer made a verbal promise that they will give me salary on bench, but they never did and when I protested they gave me this * (Star). "Since the economy of USA is not good, we will not be able to pay you." I was taken back, they never told me this hidden clause.

well, I did not got Air Fare too. When I was in India they told be that they will refund this in 3 months.

When I asked them, after 3 months, to refund my air fare then they told me 3 months FROM the day I got my project. hmmm Ok... so i asked them after 3 months of my project they said they will refund will the next pay stub. Btw, it never came. And in the last, and the BEST.

After all this they said, "Now we have changed the rule, we will be giving the Airfare after 1 year of your project."

For those who done know:

1. Giving money for your own H1B is unlawful. I came to know this only after 1-2 months after landing in USA.

2. I am not sure about the Airfare, I guess this is the responsibility of the employer too.

After reading this everyone whats to know the name of my employer right... Well I am not sure If i write him name.. but let me tell you, the Consultant Comapany is located in Edison, New Jersey (NJ). and It has got a couple of awards like

If you are from Immigration or from Labor department and reading this then please be informed that most of us are ignorant of the laws of H1B. Yes this is our mistake that we do not do research and we trust our employer of what they verbally say and commit.

.NET Validation Controls: a quick look again.

You can call this my ignorance or something else. After working in .NET for over 3 years, today I cleared a doubt that

  1. If we are using the .Net Validation controls then do I need to code for the server side also.
  2. What happens if the browser JavaScript is disabled?

These were some of the question of which I did not know the answer. After one of my friends (Kumar) asked me, I gave it a shot.

I am writing the conclusion of my experiment below.

  1. The .NET validation controls are good for both Client side validation and as well as for the Server side validations. It means that no special code is required to do validation on the server side.
  2. If the EnableClientScript is False, then the validations occurs Server side, automatically. (No need for any code.)
  3. If the JavaScript is disabled in the browser, then the validation controls will behave as if the EnableClientScript is False i.e. the Server side validations are done, automatically again no need for any code.

So, if the EnableClientScript is False or the JavaScript is disable in the browser the server side validation

Now, the important thing to remember is that in the code-behind, we should always sandwich the code between if (Page.IsValid) i.e.

if (Page.IsValid)


//Code here, e.g. Call the Data Access Layer Method here.


With the above code, if the Server side validation occours and if it fails then the code will NOT execute. But if we do not put the Page.IsValid thing, then it will should the Validation Error Message and it will execute the code as well!!

Please let me know, if I am missing something or if you want me to add something.