Friday, April 12, 2013

H1B talking US jobs

I usually do not reply. But lets us practical.

Question 1: Why can;'t US citizen compete with the tech H1Bs? A. Because they still want more $ for the work that can be done in much less$ B. I am also a h1b, java programmer. I can also do SQL, PL/SQL,.NET. Most of the US citizen will say "Dude! SQL was not on my job responsibilities bla bla"

Question 2: Why do we all go to walmart, why do we always find deals? This is simple. Because we all want to pay less for something that can do the same work as the expensive one can. right ? This is what the employers are doing and most of the companies will do, hello this is a capitalist economy and not a socialist one.

Question 3: Lets assume yourself as an startup making app for android, iOS etc. Would you hire a person you asks $60/hour to do the same kind of work that a person can do for $35 ? Did I hear "Yes"? and now stop being hippocratic.

Last but now the least: Suggestion Next time  when you buy ANYTHING, buy MADE IN USA.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hang Afzal Guru, demands widow of Parliament attack victim


I was surprised to read that since Aug, 2005, no home minister had time to review the mercy plea?!! WOW this is called efficiency at its best!

"on August 4, 2005. His mercy plea is pending and Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has said he will study the file after Parliament's winter session ends on December 22"

Well done my dear leaders. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

APN setting for Iphone 5 running 6.0.1

To change your iPhone 5 APN setting 

1. Connect to WiFi
2. go to
3. Select the 2nd icon from bottom "Create APN"
4. Select Country - USA, Carrier = AT&T MNVO (With Proxy)
5. Click Create APN
6. After downloading, it will ask to install.
7. Go ahead and install it.

Thats it.


Friday, November 9, 2012

create table - test

-- temptable column FN, LN

insert into temptable (dsc.fn, dsc.ln, est.fn, etc.ln,,

select dsc.FN, DSC.LN, DCS.PersonID , ETS.FN, ETS.LN, ETS.PErsonID

from dsc, est

where ltrim(rtim(upper(replace(dsc.fn)))) = ltrim(rtim(upper(ets.fn)))

and ltrim(rtim(upper(replace(dsc.ln)))) = ltrim(rtim(upper(ets.ln)))

and ltrim(rtim(upper(replace( = ltrim(rtim(upper(

and dsc.dob = ets.dob


Monday, October 1, 2012

Vegeterian: Similac ® Advance ® and Similac ® Advance ® Organic

About Similac® Advance® Organic Ready-to-Feed and Similac® Advance®.

I called their customer  care #: 1-800-850-7677 to ask if the Similac® Advance® contained any eggs derived ingredients or any  ingredient derived from animal blood or flesh.

The good news is none is derived. However, the Vitamin D is derived from Sheep Wool. The rep told me that sheep need not be slaughtered for this.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Test MI, NJ

-- Gets all table name and column name of MI which are not in NJ

SELECT mi.tablename,mi.ColumnName, mi.tablename || mi.ColumnName
where mi.tablename || mi.ColumnName NOT IN
SELECT  nj.tablename || nj.columnname

-- -- Gets all table name and column name of NJ  which are not in MI

SELECT nj.tablename,nj.ColumnName, nj.tablename || nj.ColumnName
where nj.tablename || nj.ColumnName NOT IN
SELECT  mi.tablename || mi.columnname
FROM  mi)

-- || is used for concatenation

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 'abc_id' = Column name
'_id' =  string to be removed

select substr('abc_id', 0, length('abc_id') -  instr('abc_id', '_id') + 1 )  from table_name;