Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bribe: Asking money for Police verification for the passport

Those who don't know the process by which the Indian passports are made; the police verification is a important step. One constable (from the Police Station under which the passport application jurisdictional falls) visits the passport applicant home.

This is to verify if the person physically lives there and is not fake or fictitious.

There is no fee involved, but the visiting police man/ constable always asks for money (read bribe).

Last month (May 2009) a constable visited my in-laws who live in Bikaner, Rajasthan and asked for Rs. 1,500 (500 per head).

What if we don't accept the "offer"; the file is sent back to the passport office with some fictitious reason or kept in cold bag in the police station for good.

Paying 500 Rupees i guess it a good bargain versus following up with passport/police and calling anti-corruption agency.

What your take ?

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