Friday, November 12, 2010

Indian Postal Website SUCKS

India is an IT super power. Wrong. Indian in an IT super power only to the outside world. Seriously I have yes to find a clean, user friendly Indian Govt. website. 
The number one worse Indian Website is :

This is the official Indian Postal website, which never opens. To prove my point here in the PING screen shot with Date and Time.

And this is not the first time that I am having trouble, I have been trying for the past several weeks. 

I know some months back when I was browsing the web site, it had so much so junk pages, articles. Some links would open from a given page and it won't open from other pages. I do not know if there is any tester a assigned to it? I guess the Indian Babu tests its it!!! ohh wait I guess he is one who actually designed and developed it.

Comeon Babus!!! Can't you invest some time and money on the websites. We all already know how difficult is to penitrate the red tape you guys have in office. I guess the same reflection in on the website too. 

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