Friday, October 8, 2010

Same thing different day

I think I have lived this day before also. 
Today my colleague left, today was his last day in the office. End of his project, the contract did not renewed. 

I felt it bad, so bad. When people meet and stay with you for sometime you develop so much intimacy with them. When they leave, they make a vacuum. So H left today. The same thing happened when 2 years back my roommate left Thiery. 

People meet and leave, that's why someone has compared our life with a train. The train in your life, you have many people coming and leaving your life. Some stay for some stations, some remain until the end. Life moves on. Nothing stops. As if the person was of no value.

But I tell you, the good part is life doesn't stops. It just moves on. And I am sure there is something better and surprising waiting for H. 6 months (or may be before) I will see him in a better place and position. And I WILL write about it. I am here watching. I don't know when I am moving.............

Gita sar 4th Para say that "परिवर्तन ही संसार का नियम है". and the book "Who moved my cheese" also says the same thing.

Remind me if I forget to write about H. Bye

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