Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Vision: turning around the desert state of India; Rajasthan and other places of world

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Let me start with something which is very well know these days and this is the problem of

1. Water
2. Electricity
3. Energy

and the solution is simple but required commitments from govt., people and from you and me of course.

1. Rain water harvesting
2. Solar panel
3. Bio Diesel (Jatropha, Algae)


The state of Rajasthan gets very less rainfall. and therefore there is an acute shortage of water almost all time of the year.

I was reading and watching a news piece on NDTV where they were telling about a community in Mumbai where the wise people was done water harvesting and thus saving some water for their hay days.

Rain water harvesting is such a easy techniques where 4 major things are required.

1. A Roof top to collect water: We already have this, so need to make an investment here. We might need some cleaning.
2. Pipes: to divert the rain water from the roof tops. Generally this is also in place. We will have to do some alterations so that now the pipe channels the water to the tank and not to the streets.
3. Tank/Container: The bigger the better. Tank can be underground, or we have built a concrete tank on the surface. I am not comfortable having a plastic tank because of the obvious reasons.
4. Filters: There will be placed before the water enters into the tank. We can have a simple net mesh, with pebbles, sand and other things available in the market. It depends, if the water so collect is to be used for drinking then more care can be taken. A home remedy is the alum (and stone, This was used by our grand parents for cleaning the water.


1. Bio-Diesel

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