Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blocking kontera.com -The double line advertisement

I read all my Indian news on Times Of India

I am not against displaying ads on the website, because I know most of the revenue comes from it. But I am against forcing people visit the website to see the ads.

Some of the examples are flash ads, heavily blinking ad saying that you are 99,999,999 visitor of the website.

Today I decided to block the kontera.com ads. These are shown in an India Times article with double line under a keyword and it points to something totally unrelated and annoying.

Actually, what I used is already know and proven. It just need some patience and some work.

I am referring to the HOSTS file. I am not giving the significance of this file as this as been described
at many places. You can see the wonderful small file capablities here:

I added the following entry to my HOSTS file and it worked. kona.kontera.com

kona.kontera.com: This url brings the JS file that is responsible of the advertisement.

However, I am not sure why this do not works if I use
http://kona.kontera.com or http://kona.kontera.com/.
Notice I am just appending http:// or "/" in the end.

Also, I did experimentation with *.kontera.com, that too did not worked.

But kona.kontera.com worked and now I have no more ads of kontera.com (until the time they don't change the JS location :D )

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