Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Demanding due from previous employer

I have mailed to my previous employer asking him for the dues.
Like my bench salary and my security money.

I am still waiting for him to reply. It has been 4-5 business days. If I do not get any reply in 2 days then i will again mail him, this time making CC to some of him employee how are working in the office.

Because, many a times he has give a lousy excuse of not mailing that the mail went into spam. As if it depends on the the email client whether to send an email in Inbox or in spam.

Lets see what response I get. I will keep blogging for the updates.

This time I am determined that I will complain to DOL, for those who don't know here is the WH4 form. filling this form launches a formal complain to the DOL ( Department Of Labor)


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