Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hobbs Time or Tach Time?

Renting a plane for flying has different elements in it.
1. Wet/Dry: Wet means the fuel cost is included in the rental. Where as dry means one has to pay extra for the fuel above the normal rental rate. Of all the rates that I now I see are wet hours. But check with your club/instructor.

2.Hobbs Time or Tach Time: Putting is simple;

Hobbs Time: When the main engine starts Hobbs Time starts. So the time for taxi will about be counted towards rental.
Tach Time:When a aircraft reached a certain RPM, then the Tach Time starts.

So while renting Tach Time makes sense. But I guess on the other hand when logging time Hobbs time will "inflate" hours in the log book.

Total  concise definition (taken from the discussion forum stated below):
Tach Time: The tach is connected to the engine via a cable that turns with the engine and thus clocks at engine rotation speed. If you sit and idle long enough you will see that it is moving ever so slowly. It is designed to reflect a true hour at typical cruise RPM.

Hobbs Time: The Hobbs on the other hand is usually connected to an oil pressure switch that makes when the engine starts and records ,supposedly, a true hour.

A very good decision is here:

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