Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tobbaco, Gutka, Cigarettes, Alcohol- Why can't be all ban it once n for all.

Gutka eats away Mumbai youth's tongue

I was reading this article that tell that the mumbai youth is in trouble because of excessive use of Gutka, tobacco. After reading all this I felt sad and sorry for all the people who are into a habit of consuming
tobacco, alcohol, etc.

Something comes to my mind: Why can't we just ban all these things, close down all the factories.
Someone will immediately say Hey you can't do that simple because Millions of people will be affected and jobless.
Also someone says "What happened to freedom?". Someone also says that the govt is getting so much on revenue that is needed to make road, railways and other essential infrastructure.

It may seem at the first glance that this is an insane thing to be done.

But now my question is that Why can't a govt make Drugs such as Brown Sugar, Opium etc. legal. They also have the same effect as the others have. The only difference is that its fast as compared to smoking. But it can also generate revenue of the govt, it can also create jobs and then the govt. can give more options and freedom to its citizens. Now they have one more thing on the menu, you may choose to consume Opium.

Most of us will not agree to this. Can you tell me why ?

Coming back to the question of banning tobacco, alcohol, I fell we will do better if we compare both the aspects. One the one hand we have Jobs, Revenue and so called freedom. On the other hand we have better health, better environment, less expenses because not you do not buy them, less medical expenses, less violence. So what do you think about it ?

I do not buy the argument that a loss of revenue will be huge. We have an example of Gujarat which is a dry state meaning the liquor is not sold opening. ( i know there will be always some sort of smuggling). And Gujarat is one of the best state revenue wise. I admit this may be a weak example but if we compare the pros and cons down the line we can see the benefits of banning tobacco, alcohol, etc.

I am sure you will agree that there are somethings that can not be calculated in monetary terms, e.g. how would you determine the benefit of a man beating his wife after drinking because he has lost his senses versus a man not beating with wife. On a person committing a small crime such as shoplifting or pocket picking or big crimes like theft, kidnapping or even killing for getting money for his bad habit versus a person not doing at least for these bad habits.

A common sense thinking says that the crime with surely reduce, the heath problem related to tobacco and alcohol will minimize.

I admit that a major overhaul will be required to dilute the effect of banning these things. Such as govt. might have to open new avenue to provide jobs, plan some other ways of revenue etc.

Do not forget to comment about how do you feel about it, even a word will be an appreciation.

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