Friday, September 25, 2009

No Internet no work no life

I am writing this offline. For those who don’t know the internet jargon very much, not working on the internet is working offline.

After reaching the office today, I realized that my network was not working. I tried to restart my PC 2 times, because they say that the simplest way is to restart the PC when something goes wrong. Anyway I went to my manager cubical to know if they he is also experiencing the same problem, he was not there. I went to my super manager, she was not there. I went to my Lead cubical, he was not there. I went to my other team member, he was not there. So finally I talk to some other employee working on the same floor. She was also experiencing the same issue.

I said that we can’t do anything without going online, even if the computers were working. She agreed. She instantly said terrorist can just disable the internet and everything comes down. I was taken aback, one is not suppose to talk abt them leave alone is soft voice. I said yes, I read somewhere that these are electronic bombs that can hamper grids, electric wires and electronics equipments. She said yeah. Then she said banks wont work, nor credit card transactions. Then we discussed that how crippled our life is without internet. We can’t do any coding (of course), make reports. There should be some manual was

I saw everyone going here and there, because there is nothing to be done offline.

Computers, internet, mobile phones and other things have made a permanent place in our life. We can’t just think of doing something else without them.

Well by the way, I am writing this offline!

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