Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Time to repeate the History

I know anything that is created has to be destroyed, anything that takes birth; dies. But every time it happens, I am very said.

In a few days from now, i will have to vacate my apartment. I am very attached with the apartment and i am very reluctant to move out. More ever, my roommate Thierry ( he is from Burundy, Africa) is very nice. I have never seen such a calm, repsonsible person. He never indulged in anything that i did not liked, on the contraductiory he was very responsible.

Sometimes he used to call me, asking the status of something, when i forgot to call him back.

Its very good here, the office is waking distance.

I have used his utensils, microwave, Vacuum Cleaner, and he never said anything. I don't know what he must have thought about me. I have never seen him Smoking, drinking, parting. Yes he sleeping and working in homw were eratic. He used to sleep
in eve and working on his laptop at night. But i never got disturbed.

Its like, the destiny of his and mine converged at this point and now the time has come to separate. Now he will meet some new person and so do I. Someone rightly said that like is like a Train. You stop on some station for a few moments and then start again to carry the further journey.


Time to go to office.

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