Saturday, March 22, 2008

Third Weekend in USA

So, this is our 3rd weekend.

Did nothing much I got up late in the morning, I watched movies till 4 15 AM in the morning.
I saw American Pie 5, Euro Trip and watched some clips on You Tube.

P came in the afternoon with food, we had Paneer Mix vegetable and Roti, some tomatoes etc. In the morning we had a new friend from Thailand. His name is SuperThorn. I am sure I have spelled wrong name but Superthorn said this was the correct pronunciation.

In the evening, we together with Mahendra and Babita went to a nearby children park. We played aack-micholi, langari tang. It was fun, after so many days we did some physically activity.

But I wanted to play some serious sports like swimming, basketball or Baseball. Well, i love swimming. We have a nearby swimming pool but it is closed. May be because of winter. I guess it will open in a month's time. If I will be here, i will definitely join and do some splash - slplash.

And is the kitchen we are making Pakore of Paneer, patato, onions and green chilli.

We are not feeling like we are in USA. Since we dont have a car we cant go somewhere, and there is no place nearby to visit.

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